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Project Gotham Racing 3

So far, I’ve mixed feelings about this one. By now, you’ll probably have seen the amazing screengrabs, the gorgeous renders of dream supercars, and the incredible images from development workstations showing an unbelievable level of detail in the background scenery. Well, at the moment PGR3 is having trouble justifying all the hype.Of the three tracks I managed to play, London was running at a painfully variable frame rate, the game’s slick new motion blur effect looking quite peculiar in light of the jerks and jags of motion. New York and Las Vegas were much smoother, but the texturing seemed slightly strange: with high-res and low-res maps switching in and out quite obtrusively, you don’t always appreciate the amazing streetside detail.

At their best, PGR3’s high-definition visuals look amazing. You can’t help but be impressed by the car models and the way spectators now respond to the racing, but this one still needs some serious optimisation. At least it still plays fantastically – just like PGR2, in fact – so if you’re already a fan, keep your fingers crossed that they can solve the visual issues.

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