Gears of War

Epic’s epic wasn’t playable, but lead designer Cliff Bleszinski was on hand to take us through a later level in the game. We’ve all seen the ruined cities in screenshots or videos, but this time we had a monster-populated industrial facility in a rain-soaked rocky wilderness. The level of detail was amazing, with water flowing down tree trunks, droplets splashing as they hit the ground, and the most incredible lighting effects I’ve seen. Cliff also showed off some of the effects they’ve added to give the game a cinematic feel, including a reality-TV style shakey-cam when your chaps are running, and some subtle camera movements used to convey tension or highlight vital areas.

It’s not all about the visuals, though. Gears of War looks set to combine the Doom 3 fear factor with some fast-paced tactical action, putting the emphasis on using cover and thinking on your feet. Interestingly, Gears of War also has a new-school co-op mode, with the two main characters, Marcus and Dom, taking different routes and performing different tasks as you play your way through the level.

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