I started this latest round of wireless keyboard and mouse testing as a sceptic. I have finished a partial convert. Certainly, the wireless technology is over its early stumbling blocks and all of these products - even the worst - can pick up keystrokes and mouse clicks from 20 feet away, through a wall. Although what these products have shown is that in most cases you get what you pay for, the expensive Logitech and Microsoft keyboards being two of the top three products on test, and certainly the showiest in terms of looks and functionality. But the Genius has thrown a spanner in the works, and shown that if you simply want a mouse and keyboard to do their jobs well over a wireless connection you need not pay a fortune.

Breaking with preconception, Genius walks away with the Editor's Choice

As for the practical value of wireless input devices, I remain unconvinced. Unless you have specific needs that require you to operate your computer a long way from the monitor I cannot see the why you would want to add the hassle of batteries to the equation, even with devices like the Genius providing a charger.

As far as recommendations go, the tests proved quite conclusive. If you have a large budget go for the Logitech. It does almost everything well and offers a lot more besides. For everyone else the Genius makes a sound and financially smart investment. If I could build my own device, I would combine the Logitech hub with the Genius mouse and put the Cherry Solar strip on the Microsoft keyboard. Nothing yet is perfect.

It may be expensive, but the quality and features of the Logitech win it a Recommended award.

I started this group test talking about wireless as the latest fashion. Many of you will want one of these wireless combos without the slightest need to own one, that’s the fad. So here is the big consolation for fashion victims everywhere: in a world of Microsoft and Logitech stiletto extravagance, the Genius is the group winner and it costs no more than an average pair of trainers.

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