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Gordon Kelly


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Group Test

It could be said that wireless is the new black because it goes with everything, or in media terms, it goes into everything. But either way you look at it, wireless is this season’s must have technology.

The last 18 months has seen a flood of wireless devices wash onto the market, from routers to printers to game pads. Perhaps the most high profile arrival has been mobile phones, where the changes in driving law have made Bluetooth car kits a legal necessity, bolstering public interest in the whole technology. Despite the grumbles, the benefits of installing these kits are unmistakeable, and potentially life saving.

All of which brings me rather uneasily onto keyboards and mice. I first owned a wireless mouse nearly three years ago, before the guffaw. The manufacturer shall remain anonymous, but it was slow, unresponsive, unreliable junk. I purchased it because it had no wires and that alone seemed a good enough reason to me. I have been sceptical about the value of wireless mice and keyboards ever since. Primarily because of one thing: batteries. The question is: since very few of us ever have the inclination to move our mouse or keyboard further than a few feet from our monitors in the first place, why add the unnecessary hassle and expense?

Unlike a wireless router, where the technology is used to link several computers together and save untold distress caused by the drilling of walls, floors and ceilings, a wireless keyboard or mouse saves you none of this. Wireless may be the new black but in this case, it seems to possess all the practicality of a stiletto heel.

You could say I needed some convincing. So where better to start than with the latest generation wireless combo offerings from right across the board? We have five different combinations from Microsoft, Logitech, Cherry, Genius, and Key Tronic covering the full price spectrum from under £40 to nearly £120.

One final note before we start. Reviewing keyboards is a little like reviewing movies. There are obviously great movies and obviously dismal movies, but there are also a heck of a lot in between that no one can agree on. What each individual looks for in a mouse and keyboard is different, so bear in mind what you are personally looking for and that these are the most subjective tests we can do here at TrustedReviews.

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