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Best and Worst of the Rest

The Best of the Rest

As part of its strong tie-ins with the Windows Live brand you will be able to wirelessly sync all your information to an online Live account. But not only that, you can also sync all your media in the same way – no messy cables here.

Another boon is that you'll be able to try the fully fledged version of any app available on the MarketPlace for free before then deciding whether to buy it. It's a small thing but one that will certainly make finding just the right app that bit easier.

No custom UIs – Microsoft has stipulated that the overall interface can't be changed one jot by partner manufacturers, so the experience you get will be very consistent across all Windows Phone 7 phones.

The Worst of the Rest

Other ancillary bad points to note about Microsoft's new OS are a lack of the ability to copy and paste. The company has assured us that this will be fixed in the first update coming in early 2011, but to have such a basic feature missing is utterly astounding – it's all very well having the otherwise best mobile office apps but without copy and paste you're not going to convince anyone.

Also omitted is multitasking for 3rd party apps. While you'll be able to use multiple core apps at the same time, like playing music while browsing the web and receiving email notifications while watching video, you won't be able to have Spotify running in the background while you play a game. Based on our usage this is much less of an issue than the lack of copy and paste, but for some it will prove essential and really can't come fast enough.

No custom UIs – while it will be nice to have a consistent look and feel to all Windows Phone 7 devices, it's also rather limiting.

One final possible annoyance is the lack of Adobe Flash support in the web browser, meaning streaming videos like our own video reviews won't play. Otherwise the web browser is excellent.

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