Windows Mobile 6

Individual device synchronisation is possible via ActiveSync as it was with Windows Mobile 5.0 for those running Windows XP. If you run Windows Vista then the new Windows Mobile Device Centre does the job.

The question that may spring into the mind of anyone currently running a Windows Mobile 5.0 device is whether there is an upgrade path to Windows Mobile 6. Microsoft is clear that the responsibility for offering upgrades lies with its hardware partners and not itself. As I write this article I am not aware of any hardware manufacturers who have announced facilities to upgrade existing devices. I do know of plenty of pending launches of Windows Mobile 6 devices, and currently have one on my desk. If you have Windows Mobile hardware and would like to explore the possibility of upgrading, contact your hardware vendor.

There is little doubt that Windows Mobile 6 takes Microsoft’s handheld computing platform forward. It has done this by taking a large number of pigeon steps rather than making great strides.

While many of the developments are welcome, there are others that are notably absent. Why can’t you produce PowerPoint presentations? Clearly the panache of desktop PowerPoint can’t be replicated, but simple or outline presentations could be created. Where is tabbed or ‘new window’ browsing in Pocket Internet Explorer? Why can’t I close a running application from the ‘X’?


Working my way around my new Windows Mobile 6 device, the enhancements seem generally pleasing and useful but I can’t help being left wanting more.

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