We ran the 32-bit version of Crysis patched to version 1.1. We use a timedemo recorded during the opening few moments of the game and use the Crysis benchmark tool to manage our runs. All in-game detail settings were set to High and all tests were done without antialiasing and anisotropic filtering.

The only thing that's really clear from this test is that running Crysis in DX9 mode gets you a bit more performance than DX10. Windows XP does consistently come out on top but the margin is tiny.

Race Driver: GRID

The 32-bit version of this game, patched to version 1.2, was used for testing. We record the frames per second using FRAPs while doing a manual lap of the Okutama Grand Circuit, in a Pro Tuned race on normal difficulty. All in-game detail settings were put to their maximum.

We had massive problems trying to get this game working in XP and eventually gave up on that comparison. When it comes to Vista vs Windows 7, though, we see a nice consistant performance advantage for the the new operating system.

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