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ATI Competition


Win ATI's Next Generation Enthusiast Graphics Card

The world of PC graphics is about to change. Very soon Canadian graphics giant ATI will be launching its next generation 3D chipset and gaming on the PC will never be the same again.

With games like Half Life2 and Doom3 (hopefully) just around the corner, you’re going to want the latest and greatest graphics card to power your PC through ever more demanding 3D environments.

If you’ve always wanted to play the latest 3D games at high resolution with all the features turned on, now is your chance.

ATI is giving TrustedReviews readers the chance to win one of its “next generation enthusiast graphics cards”. Unfortunately we’re not in a position to reveal any specifications for the new card, or even the official name of the chipset, but rest assured, if you’re into games, you want one!

If you want to equip your PC with the ultimate gaming weapon, simply answer the question below (entry requires site registration/login).

Entry is open to everyone except employees of TrustedReviews and ATI.

This competition is closed.

The competition will close on 14th May 2004 at which point the lucky winner will receive the graphics card directly from ATI

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