Google TV

Google TV

When we look back at the success stories of 2011 it seems certain that Android will be top of the list. That said not everything Android touches turns to gold and Google TV already looks to be a prime case in point.

The platform is certainly off to a shaky start. Launch device the US-only Logitech Revue (pictured) has received a largely negative press reaction and an asking price of $299 for what is essentially a web streaming product isn't helping. More critically, however, the software itself has come in for criticism with numerous bugs and performance issues. Patches has been quickly released, but there remains a long way to go.

In fact such are the shortcomings that the New York Times reported Google took the unprecedented step of asking its hardware partners to delay the release of their Google TV devices. Further stories claimed Logitech had stopped production of the Revue after just two months, something the company has since denied.

The other serious problem facing Google TV is a lack of content. This would seem ludicrous for a device which collates and organises web content, but multiple services are blocking access to Google TV as they look to protect their premium media meaning major negotiations are required.

The saddest aspect to these struggles is there remains space for a definitive web-based media player. The Boxee Box is impressive, but Apple TV leaves a lot to be desired and WD TV remains primarily focused on local content. As it stands, however, Google TV does nothing to dispel the notion that it is simpler and better to just connect a PC to your TV or buy a nettop.

Also for the chop: Apple TV, at least in its current form. A full move to iOS and third party apps surely awaits in 2011. Otherwise put an HDMI port on an iPod touch and cancel it please Steve.

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