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The Cheapskate

The Cheapskate

"Not so" says out final type. It's not that the Cheapskate is tight-fisted (well, maybe a little), just that they don't have unlimited resources, and they worked out long ago that there's usually a sweet spot where you find decent performance for not much cash. The Cheapskate lives for the bargain; for that product that hits the 9/10 for value just because it does a good job for a great price. Not for them the Pioneer Kuro sitting in the living room. No. The Cheapskate will either opt for products just as they go end of line (picking yesterday's high-end kit up at low-end prices) or for new products that hit the right price/performance balance. If they have a car, it will be a Ford Focus, VW Golf or Hyundai i30. Their TV will be a Samsung LE40B550 or Toshiba Regza 32AV615D.

The INQ Mini 3G does pretty much everything but without the high price tag

The same bargain-hunting philosophy will extend to the tech they carry with them. You can guarantee that the phone will either be 3's INQ 1 or INQ Mini 3G or something that looks like an iPhone or BlackBerry, but comes in for free on a much cheaper contract (or Pay As You Go). Samsung's Tocco Lite, Nokia's E63 are contenders, and you can bet that Cheapskates everywhere will be watching the Palm Pixi, Samsung Genio Touch and LG GW300 with interest.

Great sound doesn't have to cost the earth, as the Klipsch Image S4s prove

For music, the Cheapskate knows that there's only one choice: the new Sandisk Clip+ partnered with a pair of Koss Porta Pro or Klipsch Image S4 earphones. Notebook? Nope. The Cheapskate has either a bargain-basement PC at home or Samsung's excellent value R620 laptop, and carries a netbook around instead. Toshiba's NB200-10Z would be our bet.

Who needs a notebook when a netbook is cheaper?

And when it comes to taking snaps, the Cheapskate doesn't have to look far to find the right camera. Samsung's WB500 has all the requisites (loads of features, solid performance, bargain price), and if our Cheapskate can't stretch to that, there's always the value-packed Pentax Optio P20.

The Pentax Optio P20 will give you great pictures on a budget

The Cheapskate loves to play games, but here things get tricky. The Nintendo DS Lite is brilliant and very affordable, but paying out £25 for a game isn't all that great. The iPod touch 3G, costs more up front, but then there are all those great games for under a fiver on the iTunes App Store, and it's a fantastic PMP. Or what about the old PSP Slim and Lite? You can pick one up for around £100, and still download all the new Mini titles aimed at the PSP Go. Decisions, decisions, but if there's anything that makes the Cheapskate happy, it's agonising over which route will get him the most bang for buck.

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