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The Performance Junkie

The Performance Junkie

Unlike The Fashion Victim, the Performance Junkie doesn't care if something looks good, or if it's the product on everyone's lips; they just want the absolute best. If they buy a camera, it has to offer the best image quality and all-round performance. If they buy a laptop, it has to be the fastest model with the best screen in town. The Performance Junkie feels physically sick at the thought of anyone listening to an iPod through the bundled earbuds. Why would you want to listen to anything that sounds so mediocre? At home, they have a Pioneer Kuro TV, several thousand pounds worth of Hi-Fi separates and the sort of PC that laughs at Crysis and waves two fingers at Modern Warfare 2. When away, you can bet they're packing stuff that's every bit as good.

The laptop, for example. The Performance Junkie doesn't just want thin and light. He wants high-end processors, a brilliant display, discrete graphics and plenty of HDD space. Sony's Z-Series Vaio is one obvious choice, Dell's Studio XPS 13 another. However, MSI's GT627-246UK might be the best choice, combining physical ugliness with raw graphics horsepower in a way that's sure to make the Performance Junkie's heart beat faster.

The MSI GT627-246UK may be ugly, but it's all about the performance

The choice of phone is a tricky one for the Performance Junkie. The 1GHz procesor in the Acer neoTouch S200 is tempting, but what sensible speed demon wants to be saddled with Windows Mobile? The iPhone 3GS is a better bet, but does the Performance Junkie want to get stuck with a 3-megapixel camera? Nope. At the moment, the handset of choice is going to be HTC's Hero or - if they're not worried about downloadable apps - the speedy, feature-packed Samsung Jet. One thing's for sure, however. This could easily change within a couple of weeks.

The Samsung Jet may not be as easy to use at an iPhone, but it's much faster

The Performance Junkie won't make do with second-rate audio at home, and he certainly won't put up with it on the move. In the unlikely event that he is using an iPod or iPhone, you can be sure he'll be listening to it with a pair of Shure SE530 IEMs (formerly the E500s) through a Graham Slee Voyager or iBasso D2 headphone amplifier.

Forget iPods, they don't sound good enough - you want a Sony X-Series Walkman

Otherwise, it'll be a Sony X-Series Walkman powering the in-ear 'phones, or possibly a set of Grado SR125i full-sized cans. The Performance Junkie is likely a headphone obsessive, so he'll doubtless be looking at auditioning Grado's new GR8 IEMs in the near future.

A Nikon D300s for those serious photo shoots

Finally the camera. The Performance Junkie will definitely own a digital SLR, preferably a Nikon D300s or, if that's too pricey even for them, the new Canon EOS-500D.

And a Panasonic LX3 to carry around all the time, so you don't miss anything

However, they'll also need something a bit more pocket friendly. Panasonic's Lumix DMC-GF1 has plenty of camera-snob appeal, but Ricoh's CX2, the upcoming Canon Powershot G11 and Panasonic's Lumix DMC-LX3 are also going to be contenders. They might be expensive, but if you want the best, it's always worth paying that little bit extra.

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