The Exec

The Exec

For our smart-suited Exec, it's all about looking the part. There's no time for toys in their world; just business, business, business. He or she needs to be in touch 24/7, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. A big sale might happen any second, teams don't manage themselves, and you never know when the boss will want an update. If they're eating out in a restaurant, the Exec will still be checking email on their smartphone long after the starters have arrived, and they can't even walk down the street without clipping on a bluetooth headset and shouting down the line at some poor underling. If they have an MP3 player, it's only so they can listen to the latest business guru's audiobook, but they'd rather be reading Malcolm Gladwell or Levitt and Dubner on a fancy new eBook reader.

The Nokia E55 looks like it means business - ideal for the Exec

It's not that the Exec doesn't like cool stuff; it's just that it has to project the right image. An iPhone is fine for those who want distractions, but the Exec knows that a Blackberry, like the new Bold 9700 is a more serious business handset, and the same goes for something like the Nokia E55. Equally, they won't leave home without a Bluetooth headset to partner with it. Something like the Aliph Jawbone Prime gives off all the right vibes.

Holding your phone in your hand is a waste of resource - it's handsfree all the way for the Exec

Of course, if there's any one piece of technology that's most closely linked to the executive lifestyle, it's the ultra-portable laptop. It has to be slim. It has to be light. It has to look ever so slightly conservative and run Windows 7 Pro. While some Execs might go for something flashy like the new Sony X-Series, most will be pressing their IT departments for something more like the Toshiba Protégé R600, or Dell Latitude E4200. If they need something for serious report writing and spreadsheet work, Dell's upcoming Latitude Z600 will give them that little extra space in which to work.

Nothing says executive like a slim, stylish and practical notebook

As time goes on, technological advances and new product categories inevitably breed new Exec must-haves. An eBook reader is one (particularly if the Exec can eventually use it to read his or her choice of newspaper), a portable projector is another. The Amazon Kindle will be the choice for many, but until the UK content situation gets sorted out, the UK-based Exec would be better served by the Sony PRS-600 Touch.

From the paperless office to the paperless library

And the only thing better than a presentation device the size of a briefcase is one you can keep in a briefcase, and the Samsung SP-P400B is just that.

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