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The Survivalist

The Survivalist

Hooked on a diet of Ray Mears, paintball, extreme sports magazines and tales of post-apocalyptic warfare (he thinks Fallout 3 is less a dystopian nightmare, and more a dream holiday destination), the Survivalist has no interest whatsoever in the sort of shiny gadgets that their mates might show off. Oh no. For the survivalist, everything has to be fully ruggedised, dust resistant, water resistant, shock proof, bullet proof and bomb proof. If the Survivalist has a mobile phone or digital camera, it has to be ready for the desert, the ocean and the icy wastes, even if they actually live in Swindon and haven't been more than five miles from a McDonalds in the last fifteen years.

Show your iPhone wielding mates what a real man's phone looks like

The Survivalist regards technology as a useful adjunct to his more traditional tools (survival knife, Maglite, first aid kit and matches), and for full effect will keep the whole lot in a camouflaged rucksack with a biohazard warning label on it. A Samsung Solid Extreme 2100 mobile phone is perfect for them, being chunky, armour-plated and virtually impervious to harm. An Olympus Mju-Tough 8000 camera can be used to take pictures in the harshest conditions, while a Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1 can be used to edit them and upload them to Flickr, to annoy any friends sitting comfortably in their living room or office.

Oops, I seem to have dropped my camera in the sea - not to worry

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-WH1 camcorder, meanwhile, can be used to make a gritty, warts and all HD documentary of any gruelling journey (or weekend hiking trip). A Garmin Oregon 300 GPS is perfect for navigating the Peaks, the Penines or even the Rockys (or merely making your way back from watching Zombieland at the cinema).

Nothing says extreme tech like a Panasonic ToughBook

The Roberts SolarDAB radio ensures that, while there's a sun, there will be music. The Survivalist knows that all a man needs is his wits and something sharp and pointy, but when you're out on your own, not a soul around you for miles, then a little entertainment never hurts.

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