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Theoretical Tests

Pixel Shader 2.0

The textures used in this test are not based on bitmaps but are calculated mathematically on a pixel by pixel level (known as procedural texturing.). A marble texture is applied to the elephant and the rhinoceros, and a wooden texture is applied to the platform.

Rag Troll

Like a legion of synchronised Lemmings these “Rag Trolls” tumble to the ground from their lofty perch. The Havok real-time physics engine is called into play again loading the CPU as it calculates the behaviour of limbs and the plotting of trajectory as each troll falls while graphics hardware takes care of the vertex skinning. This test is designed to balance the computational load between graphics hardware and the CPU.

Sound Test

Intensive 3D sounds can have an impact on graphics performance. A variation of Game Test 1 (Wings of Fury) is run with no sound enabled to produce a reference score. It’s then run again with 24 3D sound sources added and then a third time with 60 3D sound sources added.

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