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Game Tests

Game Test 3 – Troll’s Lair

Behind a bookcase, two trolls play a strange board game in their damp and dingy lair. Faced with the intrusion from our heroin one attacks and it costs him his life. Seeing this the other flees but being a simple creature runs straight into a wall.

Another DirectX 8 derived test, this differs from Game Test 2 (Battle of Proxycon) in that the scene uses many more polygons. Most of the additional polygons are used to create our heroin’s hair which is created strand by strand and its behaviour dictated using real-time physics.

Primarily Tests For: DirectX 8 performance. Vertex shader performance. Pixel shader performance. Stencil shadowing (and thus also fill rate).Polygon throughput.

Game Test 4 – Mother Nature:

Like the Nature test in 3DMark 2001, this test features swaying grass, rustling leaves and butterflies dancing on the breeze. A babbling brook also feeds a lake.

This demanding test draws heavily on the graphics card's DirectX 9 feature set. The single textured swaying grass and fluttering leaves along with the butterfly wings are all animated and lit using vertex shader operation as is the water effect for the lake. The lake surface also relies on pixel shaders for per-pixel reflection and cube mapping.

Primarily Tests For: DirectX 9 performance. Vertex shader performance (a significant factor). Pixel shader 2.0 performance. Polygon throughput.

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