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Welcome to TrustedReviews.com, the definitive online IT resource.

What you see before you is the final development of an idea that I had many years ago. Having spent the last 15 years working in the IT industry I have seen many changes in the way technology is used and by whom.

There was a time when computers were massive boxes that took up entire buildings and required dozens of people (myself being one of them) just to keep them running from day to day. The chances are however that the computer you’re reading this on is more powerful than the multi-million pound machine that I started my career with.

Technology has become more powerful over the years, but also more accessible. A computer is no longer considered a luxury for most households, instead it’s close to a necessity.

The mass adoption of the Internet over the past few years has made it nearly impossible for anyone not to own or at least have access to a computer. Just the convenience of email alone is a strong enough argument for anyone from extended families to multinational businesses. The ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world for free is something that we wouldn’t have dreamt possible just a decade or so ago.

So, with the Internet being the main conduit for computer users, it only seemed natural that those users would want to read about the latest technology products on the Web rather than in a magazine.

Having worked at some of the top computer magazines in the UK I began to think that the paper medium wasn’t right for publishing reviews of technology. For a start, the sheer amount of time that it takes to put a magazine together and print it means that almost anything you write about is weeks out of date by the time anyone reads it.

The beauty of creating a computer magazine online is that any reviews or articles that are written can be made instantly accessible to the reader. And in an industry that moves as fast as this one that’s a pretty amazing feature.

That said, I wanted to make TrustedReviews.com different both from a magazine and from existing IT websites. In fact I was looking for the best of both worlds by combining the authority and writing quality of a magazine with the speed of update and ease of access of a website.

To address the first half of that equation I made sure that only the best IT journalists were writing for TrustedReviews.com. You can see from the About Us page that the journalists who helped me put together this website have decades of experience in the IT publishing industry. Some are weathered veterans, while others are young and fresh. The result is a well balanced and thoroughly authoritative style that should tell you everything you need in order to make an informed buying decision.

As for the second half of the equation, I’ll be making sure that the latest products are reviewed and ready to read as soon as they become available. With no need to wait for production and print schedules, you’ll be seeing the latest products a matter of hours after I do.

The team has worked hard to make TrustedReviews.com as easy to use and as informative as possible and I sincerely hope that you find everything to satisfy your IT needs right here. If you do have any comments please feel free to post them in the forum where the team will try to answer them as soon as possible.

This is, of course, an ongoing project and it will get better as each day passes. So, please explore and enjoy.

''Riyad Emeran'


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