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Welcome to the TrustedReviews beta site


Welcome to the TrustedReviews beta site

Welcome to the TrustedReviews beta site, bringing you the best, impartial, independent consumer electronics reviews to help you make the right choice about which technology products to buy.

We’ve listened to what you have said over the years about what’s great about TrustedReviews and what we need to improve.

The new site is designed to be clear and easy-to-use, while remaining as comprehensive and in-depth as ever.

Some of the tools you'll come across on the beta site aren't quite fully populated - there's lots of work still going on to migrate all of our content and comments, and to get all of the data in the right places to make filtering and comparing products as comprehensive as possible.

But in the meantime we wanted to get your feedback on the new site as we continue working in the background.

Here are some of the new site's key features:


At-A-Glance Reviews

We've added some new sections to our review pages. As well as the full, in-depth report, you can read a condensed version of the review and a list of the product’s pros and cons. This concise summary at the top of each review gives you a snapshot impression if you don’t want to read the full review, allowing you to make the most of your time on TrustedReviews.

User Reviews

TrustedReviews now incorporates User Reviews, contributed by you our readers. You can add your own scores and opinions alongside those of the TrustedReviews team. It’s simple to sign up and post your own review about a particular product you own.


You can still comment on our reviews as you’ve always done in the past. While the site is in beta, please keep comments about reviews and other articles to the old site so they can be ported across once the new site comes out of beta. Conversely, any feedback you have about the new site, feel free to put it in the new comments section.

Picture Galleries

Reviews now include picture galleries to give you a better look at the product. The new galleries also allow us to publish more pictures than we previously could fit in a text-based article.

Feature Tables

Product specifications are listed in their own section of a review to make it easier for you to find out the detailed information you’re looking for. You can also click to compare the specifications of up to four products side-by-side.


Like Picture Galleries, reviews can feature associated videos so you can view a hands-on demonstration of the product you’re interested in.

Suggested Products

We’ve included links to reviews of other products you might be interested in. This is all part of making our content easier to find and helping you locate what you’re looking for.

Click To Buy

Once you’ve made your choice about which product is right for you, you can visit our retail partners and find the best deals on the product you want to buy.


We’ve made it simpler for you to find your way around TrustedReviews.

All our reviews are classified under four main categories:

  • TVs and Entertainment
  • Cameras
  • Laptops and Computing
  • Mobile

You’ll find sub-categories for each product area on the drop-down from the top navigation bar – or use our powerful search tool to drill down into each product category across the key criteria of your choosing.


We’ve redesigned the homepage so that popular product round-ups, featured articles or topical news items don’t disappear off your screen, making it easier to discover and share our content.

You can also keep in touch with what’s going on through our regular email newsletters or the weekly TrustedReviews podcast.

At the heart of all of these improvements is our commitment at TrustedReviews to delivering clear and impartial product reviews, plus news from the world of technology.

You can let us know what you think by completing our feedback form. Alternately, you can just add a comment below this article.

You can also email us with any feedback or bugs that you spot.

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