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Panasonic HD Networking Convention 2008

Sticking with TVs for a moment you also saw in the video a dramatic demonstration of Viera Tough Glass, proving it can withstand a fair amount of force without any damage to the panel.

However, the picture above puts this into a little more perspective. So, as you can see, the demonstration shows that a one joule force generated by the metal ball hammer is equivalent to an average TV remote hitting the screen from a distance of 65cm.

This is obviously the most relevant example given the potential for Nintendo Wii related mishaps, whose remote control has often caused irreparable damage to TV screens. Of course the forces and distances involved in a real-world remote chucking scenario will vary and so the glass is rated to withstand up to four joules of force. This should mean it can shrug off most potential impacts - anything more and you can consider yourself exceedingly careless.

And, though an LCD is hardly a straight comparison, it goes to show that if you are worried about such things or are excessively clumsy, an LCD TV isn't going to offer much in the way of reassurance.

This concludes our quick look at what was on show at the Panasonic HD Networking Convention. In the coming weeks we should be seeing some announcements from Panasonic regarding the UK versions of the TVs already announced at CES, while new Lumix cameras are also in-bound, so keep a good eye on the news for those.

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