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Panasonic HD Networking Convention 2008

Power consumption and eco-friendliness continues to be a popular issue in the consumer electronics industry. We must admit to being slightly jaded by all this talk but as we saw in the video, it's something Panasonic has been working on in regards to both its Plasma and LCD televisions - as seen in our video and in this demonstration pictured below.

Here Panasonic had a 2007 model Plasma TV and an as yet unnamed 2008 model running the same video at reputedly the same settings, with real-time power consumption readings. Its new model was consistently using less power, in the range 40 to 50 Watts. So, how is this possible?

Put simply, by reducing the amount of circuitry in the TVs and impoving board design for greater efficiency. Panasonic demonstrated this by comparing the innards of a set from 2005 (above) with those of a 2007 model (below). Not immediately obvious but there are differences in the number of onboard components and overall integrated circuit layout.

This is something that Panasonic has been able to achieve in a number of its products, including its media players and recorders.

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