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Hands-On with the HP TouchSmart IQ500 PC

I'll go into more detail in a moment, but the best way to see this new interface is it to see it in action:

As you can see from the video, the interface is very intuitive. Every part of the new interface is large, easy to read and finger friendly, giving you the tools you need to do what you want. For example, the photo editing, though basic, has all the features the average user needs to make small edits to their photos. Meanwhile, navigating your photos is quick and easy and the slideshow function means it can be used as a photo frame - albeit a very large one.

Naturally, comparisons to Apple and its iPhone are inevitable and the lineage is fairly clear, but that isn't a bad thing. Indeed, from what I've seen so far HP has done a pretty good job of emulating that ease of use on a larger scale. And, as the iPhone proved, if you can crack the interface then you've got the makings of a truly excellent touch device. The first new TouchSmart's should be hitting shelves around August, so keep an eye out for a full review close to that time. Personally, I can't wait!

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