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Real World Tests

We started off our testing with our real world 2D performance benchmarks. These test some common tasks that would be undertaken on a typical desktop system and they give a very consistent indication of raw CPU performance. For comparison we've also included results for an AMD Athlon X2 5200+, a very modestly priced standard desktop CPU, to give you some idea of the relative performance of both the Nano and Atom.

The first test uses the batch processing utility in Adobe Photoshop to apply a series of auto correct filters to a collection of 382 images. Although this sort of batch processing is unlikely to be performed on a netbook device, it is very likely that some basic single-image photo editing will be done - this test just shows the extreme version.

As you can see, the VIA Nano is 64 per cent faster than the Intel Atom system in this test, which is frankly a trouncing in anyone's book. Obviously the AMD system hands both the other systems their proverbials but then that's hardly a surprise.

The next test uses the video encoding software, VirtualDub, to re-encode a short clip of Doctor Who, from MPEG-2 to Xvid. Again, not a hugely likely job for a mobile device but it's possible that you may want to do some basic video editing when out on the road.

Again we see Nano comfortably beating Atom, though the gap is markedly less at just 42 per cent.

Next we perform a more common task; encoding 11 .wav files into variable bit-rate mp3s using the LAME mp3 encoding software.

The gap really has closed up here with Atom trailing Nano by just 16 per cent. That said, it is still another victory for VIA's latest and greatest. Well, unless you look at the AMD system score.

Our last test, in this batch, uses the file compression/archiving program WinRAR to compress, in turn, the video file used in our video encoding test - this is the 'large file' compression test - and the photos used in our Photoshop test - this is the 'small file' compression test.

Atom puts in quite an impressive performance in this test with it narrowing the gap quite considerably in the small file test and even sneaking a token victory in the large file test - quite some turn around from our first test!

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