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Very Happy To Be On Board


If a week’s a long time in politics, it’s even longer in technology. Two have gone by since I started at TrustedReviews and already it feels familiar.

Riyad’s sign off post and your comments wishing him well showed the esteem in which you hold the site and it’s that credit to his work which I would like to echo here as I take up the reins.

Your responses also showed the loyalty of the audience, which has a level of – new media buzzword alert – engagement that all publications strive for and few achieve.

You don’t need me to tell you the site contains first class journalism, from some of the most informed people in the business. The challenge for us now is where we take things from here.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at the development of the site and how we remain the best consumer electronics reviews site in the market.

I’m proud of our hard-won reputation and excited to be taking the site and the editorial to the next stage, incorporating new functionality, features and an improved design.

We will look to develop our use of multimedia content, search results and social media not only to reach our existing audience, but to attract new users to the site. You can follow us now on Twitter and we’ll make sure you’re aware of all the improvements we make, as we make them.

Among the things that will always remain unchanged is the value we put on your feedback, so please keep telling us what you think.

As ever, our philosophy of providing the very best comprehensive and informative product reviews remains unchanged.

We’re under no illusions about how much hard work there is to do in order to make TrustedReviews even better, but I know from my short time with the team here that we have the expertise, the experience – and, thanks to you – the support with which to do it.

Cliff Jones

Editor, TrustedReviews.com

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