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Sweex mini Memory Pen 256MB

Sweex is a company that is new to TrustedReviews, but it’s always good to see something different once in a while. Sweex is a Dutch company and offers a wide range of products of which flash based storage makes up a tiny part. The mini Memory Pen is easily the smallest USB storage device to arrive in our offices measuring 44 x 19 x 3mm (LxWxH) which is truly tiny. It’s not hard to misplace or loose something this small and Sweex supplies a small leather wallet with a plastic insert in which you can store the mini Memory Pen. It does however take up quite a lot of space, defeating the whole purpose of a small memory key.

Of greater concern however is the build quality, which doesn’t feel very solid at all. It is made out of plastic, which in itself is not an issue, but its wafer thin design could mean that knocking the device while it’s inserted in a USB port could cause damage. The protective sliding lid on top of the device also feels very flimsy.

You get a driver CD which also includes password protection software and some diagnostics software. The latter allows you to force a format if you have problems formatting the mini Memory Pen. Unusually Sweex doesn’t just supply drivers for Windows 98 but also for Linux, which means that the mini Memory Pen will work with Windows 98 and later, Mac OS 9.0 and later as well as Linux kernel 2.4 and later. You also get a multi lingual handbook in the unusually large packaging which is comprehensive enough to get you going. There’s also a USB extension cable in the box, which makes it easier to plug the mini Memory Pen into your PC if you don’t have front mounted USB ports.

Performance is hardly top notch – the mini Memory Pen was the third slowest device in the write tests, but it’s just above average in the read tests. But it’s the price that’s way too high - add to this the poor build quality and the mini Memory Pen is not a device we would recommend.

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