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PNY Attaché 128MB

The PNY Attaché arrived in the office before we decided to do this roundup, hence it’s only a 128MB unit but it is available in larger sizes up to 512MB. As with most of these devices it is supplied in a blister pack that has to be cut open with scissors, which can be an adventure on its own.

Once you’ve managed to get inside the packaging you’ll find the Attaché drive, a neck strap, a 107 cm long USB 2.0 extension cable, a driver CD and some basic instructions. The driver CD contains Windows 98 drivers, a more thorough PDF manual and a quick installation guide.

The device itself is fairly large measuring 79 x 20 x 12mm (LxWxH) making it one of the largest devices on test. The cap is about 1/3 of the size of the device itself, which makes it easier to spot when it's not clipped on, but as it can’t be attached to the back of the Attaché, you can still loose it while you’ve got the unit plugged into your PC.

The Attaché’s main body colour is silver, while the middle is made from clear green plastic, although the colour here depends on what capacity device you purchase. However, we would suspect that the Attaché could have been made smaller with different styling. There is a switch on the side to enable write protection, but there is no password protection software supplied. What you do get is a two year warranty, which is better than some of the other units on test.

In terms of performance the Attaché is quite quick in the write tests, but no record breaker. In the read tests it does trail behind the pack somewhat, together with a couple of other devices, but it’s not terribly slow. The price is just about right, and although 128MB devices have become less popular, they’re still far more useful than a floppy disk.

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