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Crucial Gizmo! 2.0 CT512MBU2

In the middle of this roundup we were told that Crucial had released a new version of the Gizmo! 2.0 in the 512MB and 1GB capacities. The main change is aesthetic, since the larger devices are white with a pearl effect, instead of grey. The text has also been changed and now consists of a sticker on each side rather than print. The cap and the back of the Gizmo have been given ribbed grips as well, to give you a better purchase when removing the cap, as the cap is stuck on much tighter than on the 256MB Gizmo!

Besides the physical changes Crucial has supplied a new security software package which is a huge improvement over the one previously supplied. Crucial has pre-installed it onto the Gizmo! 2.0 and as long as you’re using Windows 2000 or XP it will auto launch when you plug the Gizmo! into your PC. It can of course be deleted from the device if you find it annoying and have no use for a secure partition.

The options in the Gizmo! Secure software allow you to set it up so that it automatically prompts you for the password for the secure section, to automatically defrag the device and even to launch applications automatically when you insert the Gizmo! 2.0 into a PC. Pretty nifty stuff compared to the old version of the software. In terms of accessories in the box, you get the same neck strap and key ring as with the 256MB version.

In terms of performance the 512MB device is faster by a couple of seconds in the read tests, but it was slower to copy the MP3 files by seven seconds compared to the 256MB Gizmo! 2.0. However, it is quite a good performer across the board, but it doesn’t come close to the SanDisk Cruzer Titanium, even though the price is very similar.

The 512MB Gizmo! 2.0’s strongest point has to be the improved security software which does set it apart from the competition, and although the SanDisk Cruzer Titanium is a much faster and better built device, the 512MB Gizmo! grabs a Recommended award.

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