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Crucial Gizmo! 2.0 CT256MBU2

Crucial is a well known memory manufacturer, although it has only recently moved into the flash memory business. The Gizmo! 2.0 is the second iteration of the Gizmo! with the first being a physically much larger USB 1.1 device. The Gizmo! 2.0 is supplied in a brown cardboard box, typical of how Crucial ships most of its products. Inside the box is a neck strap, a key ring and a multilingual manual, as well as the Gizmo! 2.0 itself of course.

Although the Gizmo! 2.0 doesn’t come with a software disc, a copy of Crucial’s Secure-D software is supplied on the Gizmod! 2.0 itself. Please note that the Gizmo! 2.0 is not compatible with Windows 98/98SE as there are no drivers available for it and if you’re using a Mac you'll need OS 9.1 or later. The Secure-D software allows you to set a password protected area simply by moving a slider and re-formatting the device. This is not unique in any way, but can be handy if you plan to move sensitive information on your memory key.

The Gizmo! 2.0 is made from a fairly plain grey plastic which makes it look pretty dull. The grey version is available in 64, 128 and 256MB capacities - the larger capacity models are slightly different as you can see in the review of the 512MB device. In terms of size the Gizmo! 2.0 measures 67 x 17 x 8mm (LxWxH) making it similar in size to the Buffalo. One problem with the Gizmo! 2.0 is that the cap is quite easy to loose since it’s very small and there is no way to attach it to the rear of the unit while it’s in use.

Looking at the test results the Gizmo! 2.0 is the third fastest device in the write tests, but it ends up towards the rear of the field in the read tests, although the margins are very small here. The price is about right compared to other 256MB devices and a bonus is that Crucial offers free delivery on orders over £25 inc VAT in the UK, saving you some extra expense.

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