And Finally

At this point the most avid technology hounds among you are probably wondering why I haven't mentioned two of the hottest potatoes in the TV world for 2009: green issues and 3D. But I have my reasons for leaving these to the end.

When it comes to green issues, you're actually mostly only talking about pretty mundane stuff like efforts to get TVs' power usage down, especially - though not exclusively - when in Standby. Also, I feel I covered this subject well enough in the Green section of my CEATEC report not to require covering the same ground again here.

The only things I should add to that report are that the quest for Green credentials is leading to more TVs going back to the old idea of having a full, manual off button (I actually hadn't noticed these really disappear, but apparently they did!!), and that contrary to what some elements of the media reported recently, plasma is not going to disappear overnight on environmental grounds. In fact, independent European technology body EICTA went so far as to publish a public denial of any suggestions that plasma wouldn't be able to meet the strict new European power usage directives due to be published in the latter half of the year.

As for 3D, Sky's unexpected recent demonstration of its 3D experiments, together with numerous 3D TVs and software exhibits on show at CES, have really put the once gimmicky technology firmly on the TV map. But I won't go into further details beyond that for fear of treading on Stuart's toes, who's working on the second part of his in-depth feature on the state of 3D video as we speakā€¦

Anyway, so far as I can see that's pretty much everything covered. And hopefully you'll now agree with me that 2009 really does look like being a very interesting year; maybe not in terms of completely new concepts, but certainly when it comes to finally and fully realising the potential of technologies that have been nothing more than fancy concepts for far too long.

Of course, if I've forgotten anything you feel I should have included, feel free to add it yourselves via the Comments section. Just promise you won't be nasty to me at the same time!

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