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TrustedReviews Twitter Revamped


While we also have a Facebook page where our readers can interact with us, we find that our followers on Twitter want to interact even more. From asking us questions to retweeting our news and reviews, not only do we interact with readers but manufacturers also use our Twitter account to interact with us about their latest products.TrustedReviews Twitter

The Great and the Good

Twitter of course is not a one-way street for us, and, like you, we like to follow the great and the good of the technology world. From the unique insights of editorial staff Cliff Jones (@Cliff), Ed Chester (@TrustEdChester), Andrew Williams (@wwwdotandrew), David Gilbert (@daithaigilbert) and contributors including Gordon Kelly (@GordonKelly) and Dr. James Morris (@Cyberwest) to the official tweets of Intel and LG and the best technology journalists from around the globe our Twitter feed contains only those with the information we know you want.

TrustedReviews Twitter

Following our Twitter Feed will allow you to get a unique insight into the world of technology and allow you keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening, when it happens.

TrustedReviews Twitter

The Future

Twitter is of course a very fluid medium and is still in its infancy. It will change radically over the next few years and we will be changing with it. If there is some way you think we could be doing something better with out Twitter account, please click that Follow button and send us a tweet.

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