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Spode: Day of the Tentacle - PC

I said adventure games were my favourite genre, so it's not a surprise that DOTT made an appearance in my list. To be honest, I could have quite happily filled my list with nothing but adventure games. The Scumm engine that is used for all the Lucasarts adventure games is superb and as long as you have a decent story line, you have a decent game. If you're looking to get an old Scumm game working on your PC, get hold of ScummVM. This emulates the Scumm engine on pretty much any platform – Linux, Windows, Mac, PocketPC etc. And it'll even run a few non-Scumm games like Simon the Sorcerer and Beneath a Steel Sky.

Day of The Tentacle is an amazing adventure through time and space, with the intention of stopping an insane mutant tentacle from taking over the world.

Yes, you heard me, a mutant tentacle. That is, a walking, living tentacle that talks out of one of its suction cups. If you think that's insane, then just imagine what the whole game is like – it really is a laugh a minute.

I only had the floppy disk version, which had speech for the introduction and then text for the rest of the game. It's amazing the power of the human mind though, as I could imagine each character saying each line as if I was playing the CD-ROM version. I'd sooner not play the CD-ROM version now, as it might ruin the image that my mind has painted.

The key plot line, is that Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie are sent back in time to prevent toxic mutagen from mutating purple tentacle in the first place and stop him from taking over the world. In the process, they are split up across the past, present and future. Naturally, there is a huge element of cause and effect with repercussions in all three time lines.

For some reason ,this game appealed to something deep inside me. I'm a real fan of absurd, extreme humour and this gave me a pretty strong dosage of it.

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