Spode: Introduction

In the past few years, I've pretty much stopped playing games. I play Counter-Strike occasionally, but as I'm working with computers most of the day, much to my doctor's dismay, I like to let out my angst riding mountain bike trials instead. However, I did play a lot of games when I was younger.

Over the years, games have changed in a way that I don't like. They are no longer pick up and play, they have become overly complicated and require quite a lot of investment in both time and effort. In fact, while writing this piece, I have been traversing backwards through time, downloading games from abandonware websites and emulating them using DosBox on my Fedora Linux machine. They may look graphically challenged, but the game play of some of these older games is great!

Picking my top five was difficult, and they aren't my opinion of what were the best five games of my era, but rather the games that stuck in my memory the most. Civilization and Sim City were high on my list, but I had to give these up so that other people could write about them. These aren't ordered in any particular order, as I would really struggle to suggest which was my favourite.

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