Benny: Introduction

My Top 5 games list doesn’t actually include the game that gave me my personal single most memorable gaming moment of all time. This was the moment I first saw the Quake running fully 3D accelerated. When Quake first appeared the game was software rendered. However, when 3Dfx cards started to appear, a patch was made to enable Quake to take advantage of the power of these new cards. This patched version of the game was known as GLQuake. At the time I'd recently spent a small fortune on a Hercules Stingray, running the 3Dfx Voodoo Rush chipset. OK, in hindsight the Voodoo Rush was a dog of a chip but it did mean I could run GLQuake in all its glory. I’ll never forget that moment I first saw the opening section of GLQuake. The difference was truly jaw dropping. The resolution was doubled to 640 x 480!, the colour palette was 256 times greater, and the textures were filtered. In combination with the audio of the wind blowing and the fires crackling it was simply an unforgettable moment.

Personally, I can’t imagine any graphical innovation having as much impact or representing as much of a leap forward as that moment. However, I haven’t included it in my list as it was just that - a moment. Quake was great but as a game it was superseded for me by other shooters such as Jedi Knight.

Also not included is Half-Life, which was actually at the top of my list as the greatest game I've ever played - but Stuart got there first so you can read about it on his list. A recent near miss, literally, was Need For Speed: Most Wanted, which I’ve been playing over the past few months. It’s an awesome looking and very playable game but it’s too new for me to have any perspective on it so I’ve left it off.

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