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TrustedReviews Top 5 Games Of All Time

Here at TrustedReviews we're pretty hardcore gamers and have been for a very long time. We're constantly reminiscing about the games that had the most profound effect on us and which games we each consider to be the best of all time. So, after constantly just talking about it in the office, we decided to round up our top five games of all time and tell you guys about them - just in case you missed some of them over the years.

Obviously we ended up with the same games on some of our lists, so we've all had a make a few compromises. That said, all of our second choices were pretty close to being on the list anyway. In fact, even having had to concede The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to Stu, I still had a lot of games that were painfully close to making the top five, but didn't quite get there.

Before I kick off with my list I thought I'd mention a few of the games that didn't quite make the top five. First up is Halo, which came very close indeed. I actually flew out to New York to pickup my Xbox since the UK launch was several months later (much like the PS3 situation). Obviously the game I really wanted to play was Halo and as soon as I got back home I played it solidly until I finished it, then played it again. Despite the fact that I loved Halo 2 (ending aside) and I can't wait for Halo 3, the Halo series was just squeezed out of the final top five, but definitely still deserves a mention.

Another contender that didn't quite make the cut was the original Alone in the Dark on the PC. Despite the fact that Resident Evil gets all the credit for creating the "survival horror" genre, Alone in the Dark predates Resident Evil by quite a margin, and it's fair to say the Capcom's successful series was heavily influenced by AITD.

I was also quite loath to create a list without a single Dreamcast game in it, but coming up with my top five games of all time meant that I had to make some difficult choices. Just falling off the bottom of my list was Soul Calibur – probably the best beat-em-up in history. A shamelessly violent, weapons based fighting game that was so good, even my wife loved playing it.

Anyway, enough about the games that didn't make the cut, let's move onto the ones that did. Over the next pages you'll see the top five games as listed by each member of the team. These games aren't in any particular order, since it would have just been too damn hard to rank them, but this is a reflection of the games that had the biggest impact on us over the years.

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