Lars - JVC GZ-MG50

Finally I would really like a new camcorder for Christmas as my DV camcorder has given up the ghost – well it won’t play any tapes. Fed up with tapes I figured a hard drive based device is the way forward and the JVC GZ-MG50 seems to be just what I’m after. Not only does the 30GB hard drive allow for seven hours of high quality video to be stored on it, but it also allows you to take stills and they can even be stored on an SD card. Sure, it’s not as good as a digital still camera, but it means that you can carry one device with you most of the time.

At 380g it’s also quite light weight compared to many other camcorders so you can bring it with you wherever you go. You can even take it along on a Ryanair weekend break without having to worry about the extra weight. The 2.5in LCD display should make it easy to shoot your video and it’s large enough to have a quick look at the result without having to squint. Rather than using FireWire the GZ-MG50 has a USB 2.0 connection for transferring the footage to your PC. This means that you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting extra hardware if your PC doesn’t already have FireWire.

Oh, and some snow for Christmas would be nice…

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