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Lars - Samsung DLP TV

Dear Santa – well ok I’m old enough to know that he doesn’t really exist, but I’m trying to keep with the spirit of things here – here is what I’d like for Christmas.

I know some of you might find it strange that I’m considering a rear projection TV, but having seen the picture quality of this beast, there is no way I’d consider a plasma and LCDs are too expensive in this size. Besides, rear projection DLP TVs offer picture quality as good as a DLP projector – I’d get a projector if I had somewhere to put it – but in a single box solution. The SP50L7HX is not as deep as traditional rear projection LCD TVs and it has a much better contrast ratio and brightness level than most plasma and LCD TVs.

With the SP50L7HX having a native resolution of 1,280 x 720 and an HDCP compliant HDMI connector it’s also HDTV ready. As if this wasn’t enough it’s also got component video and a D-SUB connector for high quality video input from say an Xbox 360 – you can even use two inputs at the same time in split screen mode. And besides, it also looks really cool, something most plasma or LCD TVs don’t. But I know both Riyad and Benny will disagree on this point since they both want TVs you can hang on the wall, which you can’t really do with a rear projection TV.


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