Benny - iPod

It might be the ultimate gift list cliché but I’d like the new iPod please. In black. Yeah, that would be cool. I bought a third gen model just after it launched back in 2003 and its 15GB hard disk is full. It’s also pretty scratched up, which is a real shame as I still think the third gen is the best looking iPod design.

I’d like the 60GB model. I know that the 30GB model is super sleek and slim but the four times the capacity would be welcome, especially if you’re adding video into the mix. Besides, it would still be thinner than my 15GB iPod. The 60GB unit also offers greater battery life than its thinner sibling, with 20 hours music and three hours video, compared to 14 hours music and two hours video.

I’m aware that the three hours video playback time is still short of the four hours offered by the new Creative Vision:M, but that’s just too thick and is funny looking and most importantly of course, just isn’t cool (he says never having got his hands on one, ed.).

So though the guy next to me on the plane will be watching video for an extra hour than me, I’ll just be waving my iPod in his face and going, “ok, the batteries dead, but look at it, it’s so much cooler than yours”. Of course, to really watch video on the move I’d like a Sony PSP, but it seems I’ve used up my Christmas gift list. Oh well, maybe for my birthday.

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