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Benny - TomTom GO 500

I loved the original TomTom GO. It set a new standard for portable in-car navigation units with its compact size and superb ease of use. But now I’d like to upgrade to one of the newer units - probably the TomTom Go 500. What this adds over the original TomTom GO is updated maps, support for full seven digit postcodes, and Bluetooth.

The first two could be added to the TomTom GO classic with a new SD card for €99, but I’d really like the Bluetooth function as well for two reasons. First, it provides access to the TomTom GO Plus services. This enables you to download information direct to your TomTom GO via your phone, such as live Traffic information. This will then integrated with your planned route and direct you around traffic. Cool huh? You have to subscribe but if it works then it will certainly be worth it due to the amount of time it could save me. The integrated Bluetooth also means you can use the TomTom as a hands-free for your phone.


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