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Benny - Dell 24in Monitor

I’ll be honest; I’d don’t actually celebrate Christmas – I’m not of the Christmas celebrating faith. But if someone wants to give me presents towards the end of December I’m not going to stop them. If this unlikely event was to occur these are three items I would go for.

Top of my list would be Dell’s Ultrasharp 2405FPW 24in widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor, to give it it’s full title. I reviewed it here back in May, and the two weeks it was on my desk were some of the happiest of my life. Ok, perhaps that’s over egging it a little, but it was great.

It did draw gasps of admiration from everyone who saw it (yes, I’m still talking about the monitor here), and it actually made a real difference to the way I work - it was so much easier cutting out graphs in Excel when I could see several at the same time at full size. However, I’d really, really like one at home for gaming to replace my existing 22in CRT monitor. This is a beast of a thing that takes up most of the house. I’ve thought about replacing it many times but I’m very used to the 1,600 x 1,200 resolution I run it at and moving to an affordable LCD would actually be a downgrade in terms of resolution - even a 20in widescreen would mean fewer pixels.

The 24in Dell would be perfect though. Its 1,920 x 1,200 resolution would give me the same vertical resolution that I’m used to, while giving me more horizontally. Sure you can get 30in screens from the likes of Apple, but that would be far too large for my desk at home and you’d have no chance of playing games at native resolution, even with an uber-SLI set-up. The Dell also has a wealth of connectivity options, offering DVI and D-SUB as well as Component Video, S-Video, and composite, perfect for hooking up next gen consoles. It’s even got built-in slots for memory cards, while being height adjustable too and can even rotate into portrait mode. Awesome!


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