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TrustedReviews Christmas List

Riyad - B&W MT-30 Speaker Set

Having recently moved into a new house I’ve realised that I don’t have room for my current surround sound speaker set up. Although I generally prefer decent size speaker cabinets, the physical dimensions of what will be my new TV room can’t facilitate them.

As such I’m looking for a compact speaker set that can still offer the kind of sound I’m looking for. I’ve been using B&W speakers for years so I’m going to continue my brand loyalty and ask Santa for a set of B&W MT-30 speakers.

The MT-30s consist of five small satellites and an awesome looking round subwoofer. Despite the moves towards 7.1-channel sound, I’m still a firm believer in 5.1-channel – unless you’ve got a room the size of an aircraft hanger of course. For me and my room, 5.1-channels are more than enough to create a convincing sound stage.

The MT-30s come in silver and black finishes, but I think I’ll opt for the black set. At just over £1,500 for the set, the MT-30s are at the upper end of compact surround sound speakers, but if my previous B&W speakers are anything to go by, they will be worth every penny.


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