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Jon - Garden Office

Working at home can be a joy but sometimes the temptation of drinking a nice soothing cup of tea in front of the cricket, popping down to the kitchen for a sneaky snack, and the distraction of a screaming baby can divert the attention from the business of writing reviews.

There's a lot to be said against the dreadful business of commuting to work, but at least it allows you to concentrate on business 100 per cent.

In pursuit of the perfect compromise I've discovered several companies that produce the ultimate in home-working accessories for the technology obsessed – an office you can build in your garden.

Forget about spending tens of thousands on a pokey, cramped loft conversion – the guys at The Garden Escape build architect-specified posh-sheds which, we think you'll agree, would make a rather swanky addition to most gardens. Fancy a 20-second commute to work? With one of these it's within your grasp.

You don't have to dedicate it to boring old work though – you could employ your new hidey-hole as a high-tech den, a home cinema, a hi-fi listening room or a place to just chill out and play your games completely undisturbed.

OK, so it's not much of a stocking-filler with prices starting at £11,157 (inc VAT) for the smallest model, but it sounds like my idea of heaven.


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