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Jon - Ultimate Ear UE-10 Pro

I'm a sucker for anything audiophile and expensive, so when I spotted these outrageously expensive in-ear headphones the other week, I was just smitten.

As you probably know by now, we always recommend upgrading the headphones as soon as you buy any MP3 player. But the UE-10 Pros from Ultimate Ears are probably a tad over the top, even for committed audiophiles.

Designed originally for professional musicians so they don't go deaf when trying to hear whether they're singing in tune or playing the right notes on stage, they are the ultimate in portable music accessories. They're custom moulded so that they fit your ear canal exactly and (almost) completely block out all external noise so you can hear your music exactly as it was meant to be heard.

So forget hanging on to your video iPod if you have the misfortune to be apprehended by a member of the criminal fraternity, at £793.13 a pair you'll be handing over it over with a smile on your face rather than surrender your precious phones.

Apparently they're good for your ears because you don't have to turn the volume right up to hear the music properly. Oh and they're available in white to match your iPod, too.

But hey, I don't want them for that. I want them because they're unreasonably expensive, no one else I know has them and, of course, because they're bound to sound absolutely awesome! Come on Santa - whaddya say?


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