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Leo - NEC SpectraView Reference 21

And finally. I use a pair of 19inch Viewsonic VX910 monitors on my desktop and I’m very happy with them but there’s always room for improvement, particularly if someone else is paying. So that would be a pair of NEC SpectraView Reference 21 monitors at £2,999 each.

They measure 21.3in on the diagonal and have a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 (which means that they can display HDTV at 1080i) but the real news is that these displays use LED technology so you get the display quality of a superb CRT monitor with the footprint of a slightly oversized LCD. Sounds good to me.

Despite the incredibly high price point, the SpectraView Reference 21 still grabbed a TrustedReviews Recommended award when it was reviewed here. If image quality and colour accuracy are important to you, you better ask Santa for a couple of these, just like I am.


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