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TrustedReviews Christmas List

Riyad - Sharp 65in HD LCD TV

I saw this baby at the Stuff show last month and it totally blew me away. Not only is this screen absolutely massive with a 65in diagonal viewing area, but it also sports a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080.

The majority of High Definition screens available today employ a 1,366 x 768 resolution and support the 720p standard. Given, 720p does look pretty damn good, and will make your Standard Definition screen look positively sickly by comparison. But for me the holy grail of home cinema is a 1080p setup and that’s just what this screen from Sharp offers.

When you see a High Definition 1080p image for the first time you’ll be amazed by just how incredibly lifelike it looks. The detail on Sharp’s new flagship display is simply staggering and with an HDCP compliant digital connection, you’ll be able to playback pretty much any HD content, via pretty much any medium.

Of course there’s one downside to this screen and that’s the price. They guys on the Sharp stand were kind enough to inform me that I’d need to dig deep if I wanted one, very deep in fact – deep to the tune of £14,500 to be exact!

So that’s why I’m asking Santa to bring me one for Christmas, since I couldn’t possibly afford to buy one myself. Just don’t try to drag it down the chimney mate – it won’t fit.


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