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Leo - Sony VPL-VW100

What Leo wants for Christmas

Riyad has expressly forbidden me to ask Santa for new carpets throughout the house. ‘You fool’, he said, ‘Trusted Reviews is an IT website so stick to what the readers want to hear about.’

Of course he’s correct but the problem is that I already have all the processors, memory, motherboards, graphics cards and other kit that I want so there’s no point in asking for more. I could wish for the unobtainable, such as a version of Windows that starts instantly, uses zero power on stand-by and never needs a restart but we have to be reasonable, so instead I’m going to shoot for the moon and ask for hardware that costs so much money that I’m never going to buy it with my own hard-earned but which is so desirable that I’ll stop and drool when I see it in the shop window.

In first place we have the Sony VPL-VW100 HDTV projector which costs about £7,000. It’s a monster of a projector, measuring 574 x 496 x 175mm and weighing 19kg. I’ll also have some trouble accommodating it in my living room as the screen size ranges from 40in to 300in on the diagonal, but the key feature is the HDTV resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This is achieved through the use of three SXRD panels with a response time of 2.5ms, and naturally it has DVI-D, component, Ethernet and HDMI connectors. Yummy.


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