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Cliff - Porsche 944

I’m not married and have no kids, so I’ve neatly side-stepped the whole mid-life crisis thing by simply not growing up. I get to enjoy a lot of things that other guys my age can’t do, like going out with pretty girls, staying out at nightclubs until the early hours of the morning, and especially driving around in my sports car.

I have a nice little 1984 Porsche 924, the third one that I’ve owned. Although mechanically it’s in excellent condition, the bodywork and upholstery are looking a bit shabby, so I think this Christmas it may be time to part with it and get myself something a little better.

I’ve always fancied a Porsche 944, preferably a Turbo. It may sound like TrustedReviews is paying me too much, but that’s one of the things I love about Porsches. Everyone thinks they’re massively expensive, but in fact you can pick up a good 944 for around £3,000 (a lot less than the TV I want, ed.). A well maintained late model 944 Turbo will set you back a few quid, sure, but the standard models are, to coin a phrase, cheap as chips.

Of course the best bit is pulling into a petrol station next to some balding 40-year-old marketing manager with three screaming kids and a fat bad-tempered wife crammed into his Vauxhall Zafira. The look of desperate envy on his face makes it all worthwhile.


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