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Wil - Intel Based Apple PowerBook

Rumours are that Apple laptos with Intel processors are coming sooner than we anticipated. However, those rumours also suggest that the crippled iBook line will be the first to get them! No! The problem with the iBooks is that they have rubbish graphics capabilities (these ones will almost certainly use the onboard Intel Extreme-yeah-right graphics) and no second screen support.

Having put up with an incredibly slow 1GHz Apple Powerbook for almost 2 years, I finally broke and bought a 1.67GHz model with 9700 graphics and a DVD burner, as well as a higher-res screen. However, after spending time with new notebooks from Rock and Evesham sporting Pentium M and nVidia 7800 graphics, I am craving a fully-loaded Powerbook with a 17in screen, 1,920 x 1,200 resolution, a dual-core Pentium M and a 7800 Go, but all in that gorgeous Apple form factor. He might not be able to rustle me one up in time for Christmas, but maybe Santa can have a word with the ghost of Christmas past, and get him to go and haunt Steve Jobs until he agrees to bring out the Powerbook first?


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