Top of my ‘I’ve been a good boy’ list this year is the latest instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series - Liberty City Stories - this time on the PSP. Having played Vice City and San Andreas through, I’ve been itching to spend some quality time with the latest incarnation. The GTA games are known for having huge expanses of city to trek through, so it seems appropriate to pair it up with my hugely expanding waistline on Christmas Day.

Of course, we all know that the worst thing about Christmas is having to spend time with relatives that you really don’t like, and so GTA provides a handy distraction. First, with your headphones in and your PSP out, people are unlikely to interrupt your armchair gaming to ask if you want to play pass the parcel or say hello to Aunty Edna, and will instead dismiss you as the anti-social being you crave to be.

Second, when you finally do get roped into some semblance of conversation with your mother in law, you can at least fantasise about running her over repeatedly in a very high-powered muscle car, stolen minutes earlier, while the dulcet tones of Lazlow swim through your ears. Ahh, the joy of Christmas.


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