Gordon - ADSL2+

A few friends of mine have asked me why they should have ADSL2+, simple answer: because you can! The blazing 22Mbit/sec speeds of this fantastic technology have yet to be fully exploited (other than by the P2P community), but you don’t buy a Ferrari to go 200mph the whole time either.

Until high quality video streaming services become widely available ADSL2+ will be like a frustrated Olympic runner forced to work as a personal trainer to rich middle aged housewives, yet why not snuggle down now? It is relatively inexpensive and getting it means you can completely forget about bandwidth worries for a good few years.

ADSL2+ wireless routers are cheap as chips these days too, so there’s no excuse there. Besides, it’s Christmas, reward yourself. Think about it: is there really any better time to have a lightening fast web for distraction than when Auntie Mavis, Uncle Edgar, Grandpa Jack, all your brothers and sisters and their devil offspring are present in the same house?


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