Gordon - iPod nano

Well readers, you could see this coming. Forgetting religion, Goodwill to All Men and all that stuff, modern day Christmas has become about Presents and what better to slide into even the most Bob Cratchit sized stocking than the dinky iPod nano. At just 90 x 40 x 6.9mm and 42g this is a technological marvel that still eats the competition alive three months after launch.

8 September was the actual arrival date, yet name another flash player on the market that boasts capacities up to 4GB? Name one that also combines this with a colour screen? Name one that can match the brilliant ClickWheel interface? Name one that can match the price?

The iPod nano scored an incredible 10 out of 10 in Riyad’s extensive review and it deserved every point. Some have cited the nano’s easily scratched exterior as a downside, but do yourself a favour, keep it separate from car keys and loose change and you’ll be fine. Other than that, only the anti-iPod brigade seem to have a problem with this player and this kind of generalised anti-fashion stance is becoming rather sad.

Do yourselves a favour, buy one. If you’re already got a hard disk based iPod this will still be the perfect sidekick. It is a particularly good companion during exercise too, an aspect you will thank it for in the New Year when you’re trying to work off a mince pie, Christmas cake, turkey and alcohol swollen pot belly…


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