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TrustedReviews Christmas List


TrustedReviews Christmas List

Riyad - Microsoft Xbox 360

You may think that the TrustedReviews team get their paws on all the goodies that they could ever want, but you'd be wrong. OK, so we get to play with a lot of very cool kit, often before it hits the streets, but that doesn't mean that we're not hoping that Santa will bring us lots of presents on Christmas morning.

As such we've each put together a small wish list, so that when Santa next reads the site, he'll know exactly what to bring each one of us - here's hoping!

Top of my list has got to be an Xbox 360. When I reviewed this beast a few weeks back I was glad to find out that all of my excited anticipation was justified and the X360 really is the next generation console I'd hoped it would be.

The launch games are impressive enough to separate it from the outgoing hardware and give an indication of just how great the software is going to be once developers get their heads around the system.

The wireless controller is superb and allows you to keep the console where it belongs - next to, or under the TV – with no wires trailing across your living room. Also, the integration with Microsoft's Xbox Live service is seamless, making online gaming, chatting, buying and upgrading simpler than ever.

With three CPU cores each capable of two executable threads and cutting edge graphics hardware from ATI, the X360 really is head and shoulders above the competition. Of course the PlayStation 3 is looming, but it's unlikely we'll see a UK release before the end of 2006. I guess that will be on my list next year!


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