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Awards 2012: Best AV, Home Audio and Headphones

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Best Headphones of 2012: Sennheiser Amperior

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Sennheiser came up with some cracking new pairs of headphones in 2012. At the top of our list are the Sennheiser Amperior, metal-backed versions of the classic Sennheiser HD 25. They provide superbly punchy bass with highly detailed treble. They have it all, and as on-ears headphones are ready for a life on the road.

Best Headphones of 2012 Award Runners-up:

SoundMagic E30

Phonak Audeo PFE 232

Best Portable Audio of 2012: iPod touch 5th Generation

TrustedReviews Awards 4

Apple gave the iPod touch its biggest overhaul in years in 2012. Its screen now matches the size of the iPhone 5, and like Apple's other iPod models it's dead colourful. The 5th Generation iPod touch is available in six colours, each sporting the new loop lanyard holder. The best bits of the iPod touch are the same as they ever were though – that unbeatable collection of apps and games. Plus, just consider, you can get a 64GB iPod touch for £200 less than a 16GB iPhone 5.

Best Portable Audio of 2012 Award Runners-up:

Pasce Minirig

FiiO E17

Best Home Audio of 2012: Samsung DA-E750

TrustedReviews Awards 13

Few streamlined audio-only products are as feature-packed as the Samsung DA-E750. Aside from the high-quality tube amp and dual docks for both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, the dock is also fully wireless-capable. Just about every key standard is supported. There's inbuilt Wi-Fi for AirPlay and Samsung AllShare, plus Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX support. It sounds great to boot, making this one seriously impressive device.

Best Home Audio of 2012 Award Runners-up:

Arcam rPAC

Philips Fidelio Soundcurve DS8800

Best Surround Sound System of 2012: KEF KHT3005SE

KEF speakers

A 5.1 surround system that might even make your living room look better rather than worse, the KEF KHT3005SE is the perfect marriage of style, sound quality and practicality. Each satellite speaker sits on its own pedestal stand, and the KEF subwoofer is unusually slim-line. All curves and glossy finish, these are speakers to show off not shun.

Best Surround Sound System of 2012 Award Runners-up:

Jamo D600


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